About 15 minutes away from Orvieto is another small town called  Baschi.  This is the town where Chef Polegri grew up and where he still resides.  He lives on his family’s farm which sits atop a small hill and overlooks the countryside.  The farm has been in his family for a century!

Upon arriving we took a quick tour.  It was absolutely breathtaking!  There is a small vineyard from which they produce wines.  There are pear, fig and apricot trees, artichokes, tomatoes and much more.  Across from the farm is a field that is bursting with sunflowers- it was stunning!

When we got back to the farm house, the meal began!  It was so lovely to be outside in the countryside enjoying fabulous wines and amazing food- IN ITALY!  It was pretty surreal.

Another wonderful day in Italy!

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