Orvieto Day 3

Morning came very quickly but we were all excited to head to the farmer’s market where we picked up a few things for the morning’s cooking class.  If I could sum it up in one word- BEAUTIFUL!


We headed back to the restaurant where we had a pasta lecture with Bonnie. There is a lot about pasta that I didn’t know like each region in Italy has specific pasta types that are associated with it!

After the lecture, we moved into the kitchen for our cooking class.  We were joined by five lovely women from Canada who made the class a lot more lively!

Now, I have made gnocchi several times before but I have never made it the “right” way or as Chef Lorenzo put it I was making it the lazy way!  I learned how to put the classic marks on it with a fork.  I practiced A LOT as there was a ton of dough.  I definitely had the hang of it by the end of class.

After lunch we went on a walking tour of Orvieto with Bonnie.  The town is so incredibly charming and it is nice to be able to walk to everything.  Our first stop was the Torro Del Moro- the famous clock tower of Orvieto.  The views from the top were spectacular!  We were then on to the Duomo- the cathedral.  I grew up in Washington, DC and went to services at the National Cathedral every Friday.  Undoubtedly stunning, it just does not have the same history as cathedrals in Europe.  I was in awe.

Our final stop was St. Patrick’s Well which was more about the journey than the destination!  There are two stairways- one to go up and one to go down.  Once you get to the bottom it is really just a pool of water.

We got to shop a bit and then it was dinner time!  We tried to make it an early night as we have to be up and at ’em for our overnight trip to Tuscany tomorrow!


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