Orvieto Italy, Day

We are here!

In a nutshell the first 12 hours have included: Met Chef Lorenzo, Vitopaola & Kim, freshly baked bread, Wild Boar Ragu, local white wine, Ravioli with Asaparagus and Black Truffles, Hotel with the most precious keys, nap, Shower, Sparkling Wine, Four-Cheese Risotto, Red Wine, Wild Turkey with Cannelini Beans, Red Wine, Vanilla Gelato hugged with Soft Lady FInger, Red Wine, Walk in Orvieto, Duomo, Hotel, Water, computer and finally bed!  Below are a few pics….

I am incredibly excited to share this and can’t wait to bring students next summer!




  1. Claudia says:

    I will be looking forward to hearing about your exciting time in Orvieto!!

    1. whis7117 says:

      I am taking a millions pics and trying to remember everything I am eating!

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