Group Classes at Whisked Away
All prices are listed in the description of each class.  Classes are typically $60, but they do vary.

Private Classes at Whisked Away
Private classes can be anywhere from 1 person to 8 people (we can do 10, but call for details).  This is a perfect option for team builders, bachelorette parties, girls’ night out, dinner clubs, etc!  You can choose your own date and a menu from this list (you can also scroll down to see the menu list as well).  The pricing is as follows:

There will be a 4 person minimum or $340 minimum charge.

1-4 people $340 (total)*
Add $40/person up to 8 people
Some menus may be an additional charge per person. Those will be marked.

These prices include the cost of groceries.

* Custom menus start at an additional $50.  Final cost will depend on the complexity of the menu, ingredients and the time it takes to develop.

* Changes to preset menus may also result in an additional charge.

Download (PDF, 124KB)